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Mar 6
Kya karu mein ab?
Do you find talking about Sex distasteful?

Do you feel revealing your sexual relations to your parents is offensive?

Are you concerned that Sex discussions are a taboo in your society?

NOT ANYMORE. For the first time you will be given an opportunity to expose your sexual problems with experts on a platform where there is no scope for taboos and embarrassments. Carnal problems are the peripheral obstacles faced by couples and partners in their real life. Lack of knowledge and understanding of the matter lead to these imbalances. Talking to parents and gaining the right knowledge is logical.

If you feel uncomfortable disclosing your issues to your parents, now you have the option of watching our show with them. The show, Kya karu mein ab portrays fiction dramas based on true stories related to various sexual problems .There are various physical , mental and psychological factors which leads to these sexual problems which can extent to the level of ruining married lives. The show helps detecting and curing such sexual obstacles by consultants of various fields such as Gynecologist, Clinical Psychologist and sex Therapist.

The Programme provides advice to the viewers in context to their problems. The viewers have the advantage of consulting experts through the programme. There solutions are discussed live on the show by consultants. This is done through letters send in by the audience. Expert comments are also conveyed via phone calls which are accepted live on the show. Messages can also be conferred to the experts through E-mails and short messaging service. We are hopeful that after watching our show you would reach the comfort zone to talk about sex with others.